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7 Yoga Poses to Aid in Digestion

Yoga is great for so many things from physical fitness, strength and flexibility, to meditation and inner peace. But what’s really awesome is that each asana (or pose) in yoga has a reason for being done, a purpose. For this blog, I’m going to introduce you to a few poses that are great in aiding with digestion (who knew right!)

Think of these poses as a massage for your internal organs, so if you are dealing with any kind of gut issues, such as bloating, these gentle yoga poses can be a great way to relax the gut!

1. Child’s pose

Child’s Pose, or balasana is a great pose to start with. It helps us connect to our breath especially in our lower back and abdomen. It helps us calm down and relax and when we are stressed or tense, which can wreak havoc on our digestion.


2. Forward Fold

Similar to child's pose, forward fold, or uttanasana, compresses the digestive organs which in turn stimulates circulation that helps encourage digestion.


3. Twisted Chair

Twisting actions awaken blood circulation and release any muscle tension in the abdomen.

When you do a Yoga twists like twisted chair, it creates abdominal compression giving the digestive organs fresh blood rich in oxygen and nutrients.


4. Yogi Squat

Yogi squat, or malasana, is great for digestion because it activates the digestive system and apana, the downward energy in the body responsible for eliminating waste.


5. Seated Twist

Again, twists are like emptying out an old dishrag and are fantastic for stimulating digestion and keeping things moving along.


6. Bridge Pose

Bridge pose stretches the abdominals while bringing the organs into a more proper alignment.

It also activates the thyroid, which is super important for digestion and metabolism.


7. Easy Seat with Deep Breathing

Easy seat, or Sukhasana, allows blood flow to the stomach which facilitates better digestion and absorption of nutrients.


Now guess what…take these 7 poses and do them all together! Here you have a nice digestive flow for your body to use whenever you are feeling a bit off, and want to get things moving along!

*P.S. if you know me well, you will enjoy my yoga stick figures, and I hope they bring a smile to your face*

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