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4 Stretches To Do While Working From Home

As many of us are still working from home or even just working at a desk for long hours, it's super important to let your body breathe throughout the day!

We've compiled 4 of our favorite yoga poses to help you move the body, even just a little bit, any time during your workday!

Seated Pigeon Pose

  1. Sitting for long periods of time creates super right and unhappy hip rotators and flexors! This pose is great at unlocking that tension!

  2. Sitting tall take your right knee to your chest and place the right ankle onto your left knee, gently pressing the right knee open any amount your body allows. Hold for 3-5 rounds of breath and repeat with the left leg.

Seated Uttanasana (seated forward fold)

  1. Releasing the lower back from long periods of sitting feels super lovely! And your body will be extra happy!

  2. Sitting tall on your sits bones begin to hinge forward at the hips slowly resting your chest against the thighs. Let the body relax by nodding the head yes and no, and simply letting the arms dangle towards the floor. Take 3-5 deep breaths.

Shoulder Stretch

  1. After long hours of working, for most of us at a computer, your shoulders probably feel extra slumped. This stretch helps to open those right shoulders and chest.

  2. Standing a few feet from your desk, feet about shoulder-width apart, place your hand on the edge of the desk, or any flat surface (even a wall!) And begin to press the chest towards the ground, making your body into a right angle. Hold here for 3-5 breaths, releasing the chest more and more with each breath.

Seated Backbend

  1. Your thoracic spine (the middle part) is in a chronic curved position (or at least slowly moving that way) by the end of the workday! This stretch helps to counter that!

  2. Sitting tall, place the hand next to the hips grabbing onto your chair. By thinking of lifting from the chest, start the let the head fall back as the chest presses forward and upward. Hold for a breath and repeat 3-5 times.

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