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Make Tomorrow A Better Day - 24 Hour Detox Challenge

Spring is the time for cleaning, for decluttering, organizing, making changes, but not all of these involve your SELF. We’ve all heard that old saying, “change doesn’t happen over night” but I’m here to tell you IT CAN. I’ve compiled some of my favorite and simple ways to give your body a little reset….and in just 24 hours!


1. Drink Water… A Lot…Especially when you wake up!

Our bodies go at least 7 hours without hydration while we are sleeping….so fill up that glass in the morning (and even before you go to sleep, unless you have a small bladder where you m might end up waking up to visit the bathroom). Giving our bodies this extra liquid gold in the morning, you’re refreshing and energizing your cells, which will ultimately help you function throughout the day.



Take a minute or two or ten out of the day and stretch your body! It’s no secret that movement keeps the body alive, but it can also give your brain a mental break. In a previous newsletter, I provided you guys with some WFH (work from home) stretches…check them out here!


3. Limit Alcohol Intake

With the warmer weather approaching, sitting on the deck with a nice margarita or Arnold Palmer or those dangerous Truly seltzers are going to be tempting us EVERY DAY! Try to limit your adult beverage intake. Alcohol is a toxin, so when we over indulge in these beverages, our body works overtime to metabolize it, while the other calories we inject will be stored.


4. Eat Those Antioxidants!

One of the best ways to keep our bodies in tip-top shape is by eating foods that are GOOD for our bodies, but also super yummy! Load up on those berries, nuts, cocoa, veggies, and even that coffee (but black!), have some of the highest amounts of antioxidants.


5. Get To Bed!

SLEEP! It’s been connected to weight loss, reduced stress levels, and overall improved health. Plus it might be the easiest thing we can do for our bodies, why? because we literally don’t have to do anything! Most of us can function on 6-8 hours of sleep, and 8 is recommended but if you can block out a nice large chunk of time, like 10 hours, your body will thank you!


These are just 5 ways that I try to reset my body and ways that I know I can do...well except maybe that 10 hours of sleep, but hey a girl can dream!

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